Attendance Requirements

Establishing a consistent and acceptable pattern of attendance is considered an integral part of the total educational process. Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) stresses the importance of attending classes as scheduled, and each instructor shall evaluate student attendance and punctuality for each course.

Student Responsibility

Some academic programs have specific attendance policies. These policies will be located in the course syllabus and addressed by instructors during course introductions. It is the student’s responsibility to properly withdraw from a class if required attendance cannot be maintained.

Attendance Withdrawal/Reinstatement

Because attendance is a critical factor in meeting academic criteria for successful completion of a course, a student will be withdrawn from a course by the instructor after missing ten percent (10%) of the scheduled hours of the course. A student who does not attend class the first three days of the term will be considered a "No-Show". This procedure applies to all traditional (face-to-face) and hybrid credit courses (distance education courses will be addressed separately in this procedure).

Students who have been withdrawn from a course for violating the College’s Attendance Procedure may appeal for reinstatement through the Attendance Appeal Process.

Class Tardiness

Class Sessions Less than 2.5 hours

A student who is tardy more than fifteen minutes (15 minutes) will be considered absent for that class period. Students who leave the classroom or lab fifteen minutes (15 minutes) prior to the scheduled end of class or lab will be considered absent for that class or lab period.

Class Session 2.5 hours or longer

An Instructor who teaches a course that has sessions 2.5 hours or longer will develop class tardiness guidelines and submit them to his or her Dean for approval. Approved tardiness guidelines must be included in the course syllabus.

Make up of Work Missed

Students who have been withdrawn and reinstated in a class are required to make-up all work in a timely manner regardless of circumstances. The Dean must approve each department’s procedure on make-up work and the procedure must be included in each course syllabus. Also, while course work may be made up, missed class time may not be made up. The instructor must keep a cumulative total of student absences.

Distance Education Attendance

Students in distance education classes must contact the course instructor via CPTC email within the first three (3) calendar days of the academic term. Students who fail to contact their instructor within three days will be considered a "No Show". Students enrolled in distance education classes should actively participate in class assignments. Students who fail to participate in a distance education course any seven (7) consecutive calendar days of the academic term, would violate the College’s Attendance Procedure and will be withdrawn for the course. Participation includes the submission of academic assignments as prescribed by the course syllabus and/or instructor.

Attendance Records

The instructor’s class grade book or distance education learning management system (LMS) platform maintained by the instructor is the College’s official student record for all matters pertaining to attendance and course completion.

Programs Resulting in Licensure

A student who is enrolled in programs that require licensure will be required to make up clinical hours in accordance with the program’s policy. Otherwise, consent papers to take the licensing or certification examination will not be signed by the instructor of that program. Students are responsible for reading and complying with attendance guidelines. Attendance regulations of programs in some fields that require licensure may exceed those of CPTC.