General Student Information


The mission of the Coastal Pines Technical College Library is to provide library resource and services which support the academic, cultural, and life-long learning needs of our students, faculty, staff, and local communities.  The collection of resources available include print and electronic books, audiovisuals, journals and periodicals, current newspapers, scholarly online databases, interlibrary loan and select ADA equipment. Reference assistance and library instruction/orientation is also available. Space may include areas for study and leisure reading, computer utilization including Internet access and printing, study rooms and/or conference rooms, and computer labs.

Online Library Orientation

The Online Library Orientation can be found on the Library Services page at


Coastal Pines Technical College Global e-mail is the official means of communication and is provided to CPTC students. Financial aid announcements, course announcements, online course information, student club information, emergency notifications and general CPTC student information are communicated to students through student global e-mail accounts. Students should check their e-mail daily to stay current.

Field Trips

Field trips can be an important component of a student’s educational experience and the use of such out-of-classroom experiences is encouraged when appropriate. Students who participate in field trips are required to observe all applicable rules and procedures recorded in the CPTC Student Code of Conduct. Students who intend to participate in field trips are required to submit the following documents to their advisor or instructor upon request:

  • Agreement to Abide by the Code of Conduct
  • Assumption of Risk
  • Limited Medical Authorization
  • Release of Liability

Students who do not provide the above listed documents will not be approved to participate in field trips. Field trip activities must have prior approval by the appropriate departmental CPTC Vice President at least two business days prior to the date of the field trip.

News Releases/Publications

In promoting Coastal Pines Technical College, many times students’ names and/or photos appear in news releases, videos and publications. Students who wish to restrict the use of their names/pictures should contact the Office of Public Relations.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages may be consumed in designated areas only. Students are not allowed to eat in classrooms or laboratories. Upon approval of the class instructor, students may drink water in classrooms or laboratories. The water must be in a properly capped container that has been approved by the instructor.

Photo Identification

All students are required to have their student ID with them while on campus. Students must provide the ID when requested by school personnel. There is a fee for a replacement ID.

Children on Campus

Coastal Pines Technical College has established the following procedure concerning children on any Coastal Pines Technical College instructional sites:
  •  Children are not allowed on Coastal Pines Technical College instructional sites unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Students are not allowed to bring children into classrooms/lab areas on Coastal Pines Technical College sites.
  • Children are not allowed on Coastal Pines Technical College instructional sites for an extended period of time unless they are involved in an organized special program for children.
  • Children must not be left unattended in waiting automobiles, hallways, snack bars, or outside buildings.
  • Children who are not clients are not allowed in the Cosmetology Departments at any time. Prospective clients seeking appointments for services will be advised that services will be refused if accompanied by children. They will be further advised that children must not be left unattended in the areas listed above.

    In the event children are found in class or wandering on Coastal Pines Technical College instructional sites, faculty and/or staff should ask the accompanying student to immediately leave Coastal Pines Technical College instructional sites with the child.