Parking Guidelines

  1. Any and all vehicles driven on Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) property by students, faculty, and staff must have a decal (either permanent or temporary).
  2. All new students must obtain a parking permit (decal) during the first week of their college semester.
  3. The parking decal must be prominently displayed on the exterior of the rear windshield (driver side) of the vehicle and must be visible at all times while on College property.
  4. Students driving more than one vehicle will need to purchase an additional permit for each vehicle that will be parked on CPTC property.
  5. Trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds must follow the same parking rules and procedures as cars.
  6. Faculty, Staff or Students may not park in the following locations:
  • Spaces reserved for Visitors
  • Space reserved for CPTC Rick Perkins Instructor of the Year
  • Space reserved for CPTC GOAL Student of the Year
  • Space reserved for CPTC EAGLE Student of the Year
  • Spaces reserved for live work patrons such as cosmetology and automotive
  • Unpaved surfaces
  • Fire lanes or driveways
  • Handicapped spaces without a current, state-issued disability hangtag or license plate displayed in or on the vehicle (Driver of vehicle must be the person for which the handicap permit is issued)
  • Instructional outdoor classroom/lab areas 

 Parking Decals

All students and employees are required to obtain and display a Coastal Pines Technical College parking decal. Parking decals can be obtained in the Student Affairs Office. Students, faculty, and staff attending or working at facilities not owned by CPTC will follow the parking procedures and rules of the host facility. 

Tickets, Additional Decals, Fines and Penalties

CPTC students, faculty and staff are issued one free parking permit (decal). Additional permits (decals) are $5.00 each. Students obtaining a parking permit (decal) after the first week of their college semester will be charged $5.00.

 A parking ticket may be issued to those who violate the above rules. Violations will result in fines as described below:

$15.00 Vehicle not displaying a current parking decal
$5.00 Decal not displayed in correct location
$10.00 Parking in fire lane or blocking driveway
$5.00 Parking in VISITOR, RESERVED, or unpaved areas
$50.00 Parking in a HANDICAPPED space without a permit

Paying Fines

  1. Fines must be paid at the cashier’s office within 14 calendar days from the date a ticket was issued, or an additional $5 fine per violation will be imposed.
  2. Continual violations will result in towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense and revocation of parking privileges.
  3. Fines must be paid by the end of each semester. Unpaid fines will result in the student’s records being placed on HOLD. Students on HOLD are not allowed to receive grades or transcripts, participate in graduation exercises, or register for the next term.
  4. Written appeals for parking citations should be addressed to the Campus Police Chief within 3 business days of the violation. Appeal forms may be obtained from Student Affairs, returned to Student Affairs upon completion and then forwarded to the CPTC Police Chief. The result of an appeal will be communicated within 7 business days in writing.